Choosing the Best Baby Sterilising Equipment for your Baby is Essential

Published: 25th August 2010
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Sterilising equipment for feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers, teething rings and accessories is vital for a healthy baby as equipment has to be sufficiently sterilized before and after each feed.

It is essential that any equipment that is in oral contact with babies under 1 year old are sterilised and sanitised to avoid infection such as Gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach which in turn causes vomiting and diarrhoea. 5 to 9 children are killed each year due to inadequate preparation of food and water. Death is generally associated with third world countries. In adults gastroenteritis is associated with poorly prepared food such as meat, diary, and seafood resulting in food poisoning.

It is essential to have a germ free environment wherever possible for small babies prone to infections. Small infants havenít built up an adequate immune system to help fight off infections and disease. Traditional bottles and feeding equipment was boiled in a large saucepan before sterilising equipment became available. It is essential to rinse feeding bottles and teats of excess milk and formula. Before placing bottles and teats in a sterilising unit you should check for worn, torn or cracked equipment as these can harbour hidden germs.

The correct temperature for adequately sterilising baby equipment if 80 degrees Celsius and above. There are many variations of sterilising units on the market, electrical, microwave and cold water Milton units. Steams sterilizing electrical units are popular and based on the kind of equipment health centres and hospitals use. For correct use the bottles, feeding utensils, teats and bottle lids must be placed upside down and be sufficiently spaced apart for adequate cleaning.

There is usually a 2 or 3 tier system with bottles on the bottom and teats, lids, caps, pacifiers on the top. The sterilizing time for electrical equipment is usually around 10 to 13 minuets. Steam sterilizing equipment is also an option with the same principal accept no metal objects may be placed in the microwave. The time factor is a little faster around 8 minuets. The advantage of the microwave units is that there is no sterilising solution necessary and they are useful for travelling.

The necessary cools down time for units are around 8 to 10 minuets after this time equipment is safe to use. The disadvantage of the microwave is that the unit can become very hot and of course it can only be used where a microwave is accessible. For those who cannot afford a sterilizing unit or find them unnecessary simply boiling the feeding equipment in a large sauce pan on a cooker will do the same job. The down side of this method is that you must have a very large pan the steam will dampen everything in the surrounding area, also and teats pacifiers and similar latex products will stick to each other and sometimes tear and will be worn down easily. Tap water sterilization is possible with a recommended sterilizing solution such as Milton, which is diluted in a water solution and left to soak in a basin or sink. With the Milton solution it is important to make sure the bottles are fully submerged and kept under water for at least 24 hours, the down side of this is the time needed for sterilizing will mean you will need an adequate supply of feeding equipment.

The length of time necessary for sterilization is generally 1 year as it takes this long for susceptible infants to build up a sufficient level of immunity to fight off germs. The majority of parents will still want to keep pacifiers and teats sterile for a long as necessary for hygiene reasons, as babies and toddlers will share pacifiers and drop them in very unhygienic places. It is important to remember that sterile objects must be kept sealed as the affective ness of the sterilization will wear off unless the equipment is kept in a germ free environment.

There are a variety of sterilization units available such as Advent by Philips, Brevi, Tomi and Chicco all stocking a large range of steam sterilizing units with practical accessories such as the dummy or pacifier sterilizer, sterilizing tablets and brushes specifically made for inner cleaning of bottles and teats. Baby sterilizing units make the perfect shower gift for parents who are busy and want to save time on traditional methods of sterilizing. The internet provides good guidance on the best products available their uses and the variations in price.

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